The Barbers of Troy teams up with an organization to offer free haircuts

With each cut, Sincere Nunez says they teach young people a new way of thinking, instill pride with new programming, and simply let them know that success is within reach. “It’s what you do, what you build,” he said. “We teach our young black men a lot. We talk to them to try to tell them that life isn’t just about drugs. , money and firearms.”

Nunez has partnered with Pastor Daniel Wilkins and his organization Reigning Legacy to provide free haircuts to children under 14, provide them with clothing, necessities like soap and deodorant and a full plate of food. “You never know what these kids are going through because I was this kid who had nothing, who had no family, no one to look up to,” Wilkins said.

Determined to make a difference, Wilkins says this is not a one-day event. With his team, they travel around the capital region to help people in need. “I’m doing this for my heart because I know it’s going to plant a seed, and it’s going to really put these kids on the right path, and I feel like that’s what Troy, Albany and Schenectady really have. need,” Wilkins said.

And the kids were really grateful, one was smiling ear to ear over his brand new shoes.

The whole team involved the barbers, the cooks, those who were in charge of organizing everything. Nunez said it was all about unity. “I think the barber shop is the foundation of the community” 16:03:51;12-16:03:56;14 It takes a village to raise a child and we need to bring that concept back to our lives,” said he said.

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