Shiva Narwal and Palak win Junior World Cup gold

Shiva Narwal offered brilliant fare and beat compatriot Sarabjot Singh 16-12 for air pistol gold at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany.

Shiva had topped qualifying with 585, but Sarabjot (577) emerged victorious in stage two 2.9 points ahead of Shiva.

Arjun Singh Cheema placed sixth. Not making the team, Asian Games gold medalist Saurabh Chaudhary was only able to muster 575.

In women’s air pistol, Palak defeated Manu Bhaker 17-9 for the gold medal. Palak topped the qualification with 577 and Manu managed to grab last place with 565. Manu turned the tide in her favor with a good price in the second leg when she topped 250.6, but Palak had the last word in the game for gold.

The Indian team won silver in the mixed air rifle thanks to Ramita and Paarth Makhija, losing 17-13 against the Polish team of Julia Ewa Piotrowska and Wiktor Sajdak.

India leads the standings with four gold medals and six silver. France and Poland are the only other teams to win a gold medal each.

The results:

Air Pistol: Junior Men: 1.Shiva Narwal 16(249.0)585; 2. Sarabjot Singh 12 (251.9) 578; 3. Mukhammad Kamalov (Uzb) 247.7 (577); 6. Arjun Singh Cheema 196.3) 577; Saurabh Chaudhary 575.

Junior women: 1. Palak 17 (248.1) 577; 2.Manu Bhaker 9(250.6)565; 3. Anna Dulce (MDa) 242.8 (567); 14.Esha Singh 563.

Mixed Air Rifle Team: 1. Poland (Julia Ewa Piotrowska, Wiktor Sajdak) 17 (626.6); 2. India (Ramita, Paarth Makhija) 13 (628.0); 3. France (Oceane Muller, Bastien Destefanis) 17 (626.6); 4. Germany (Franziska Driessen, Nils Palberg) 9 (624.3); 3. France-2 (Julia Canestrelli, Noé Guez Auger) 16 (624.5); 4. Czech Republic (Adela Zrustova, Vojtech Zaborec) 8 (624.9); 16. India-2 (Arya Borse, Rudrankksh Patil) 620.9.

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