A traditional leader orders the flogging of ‘indecent dressers’ and the cutting of strange haircuts in the community of Bayelsa

The Traditional Chief of the Brass Okpoama Community Council Region of Bayelsa State, the Amayanabo of the Kingdom of Okpoama, King Emmanuel Ebitimi Banigo, Okpoama XXI, has sanctioned the flogging of young men accused of dress indecently in his community.
The monarch also sanctioned the raid on spots allegedly used by drug traffickers, reports the Daily Post.

It was learned that the exercise was conducted by a team of youths and community leaders, led by the Chairman of the Council of Chiefs, Chief Inikio Sam Sele-Dede.
The team demolished 14 joints where illegal drugs were sold. Drugs such as cannabis, benzos, cocaine, LSD and codeine were found and seized, according to the report.

It was further gathered that the drill was carried out on Sunday, May 1, following the increase in drug abuse within the community.
A source in the community confirmed that dozens of young people with allegedly indecent haircuts and droopy pants were apprehended and their hair forcibly shaved off.

Young people were also allegedly whipped, assaulted and dehumanized.

Speaking at the end of the drill, Chief Inikio Sam Sele-Dede, said Okpoama had banned drug trafficking and consumption, adding that anyone arrested would be handed over to law enforcement for prosecution. .

He therefore called on hard drug dealers to stay away from the area.

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